\ SERVICE \ Combined freezer-refrigerator, Cold storeroom


Combined freezer-refrigerator, Cold storeroom
Refrigerator、 Cold storeroom、 Logistics storage、 Mushroom incubator
  1. Can be designed, produced and constructed according to on-site requirements
    (Area: 1.5 M2 ~ xxx M2)
  2. Harden PU foam, with excellent adiabatic, thermal insulating effect; and board thickness: 60mm/100mm/150mm/200mm.
  3. Professional corrugated board design, smooth cool air convection, power saving, enhanced strength of the cold storage body.
  4. The door opening size and direction can be customized, such as: traditional left/right door opening, automatic return door, manual (electric) sliding door, lift-up sliding door, etc. for selection as optional.
  5. The freezer body is easily disassembled and built, also can be enlarged and reduced. The height of the board can be produced up to 12M (max.).
System design, process, dynamic line planning, CAD plane drawings, freezing capacity calculation and unit configuration, professional construction, quality assurance! !