Clean (Sterile) Room
As origin, the clean room first derived in the US Federal Standard 209, since then it has become increasingly popular and widely accepted by the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. With the development of industry, the European and Japanese versions are also emerging gradually. By the late 1990s, the industry recognized that without common standards, the economic globalization could not be achieved, thereby ISO-14644 was created.
Clean (Sterile) Room
PU Metal partition board
Honeycomb paper metal partition board
Fireproof metal partition board
Definition of clean room
Clean room is a special enclosed environmental chamber created by controlling environmental factors such as particles, temperature, humidity, airflow pattern, vibration and noise. The clean room is also a confined space where adopts multiple layers/stages of filtration to remove particles present in the air, besides controlling both indoor temperature and humidity at a constant state. At present, it is an indispensable and important facility in the semiconductor industry, medicine, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, food industry, etc. ; In recent years, with the improvement of technology and living standards, the dust-free environment is not only a necessary condition for the industry, but also for operating rooms, intensive care units, burn wards, nursery rooms, laboratories, etc., in medical institutions, also pharmaceuticals, food processing as well. Sterility requirements have also become the most important essential.
Grade of clean room
The clean room grade definition mode is as follows:
Class x ( Y μ m )
where x is the grade of the clean room, for example, 100 or 10000, etc., Y is particle size such as 0.2 μm, 0.5 μm etc.
The user specifies the particle content of the clean room, the particle size must meet the limits of this grade.
For example:
Class ( 0.1 μ m , 0.2 μ m , 0.5 μ m )
Class 100 ( 0.2 μ m , 0.5 μ m )
Class 100 ( 0.1 μ m , 0.2 μ m , 0.5 μ m )
Three major systems of clean room engineering
Internal system:
The main engineering projects are elevated floor, T-bar ceiling system, epoxy resin coating, and wall board system.
Note: The partition wall of the clean room of the wall board system is divided into
(1) "Airtight wall" is mainly used to isolate the indoor and outdoor of clean room
(2) "Firewall" is used for the purpose of isolation of the fire protection area to avoid affecting other areas due to accidents in one area.
(3) ″Indoor partition wall″ needs to use anti-static coating to avoid dust absorption.
(4) "Process equipment light partition wall" must be easy to dismantle and assembly with the anti-static property.
Air conditioner machinery:
The main engineering projects are air circulation system, smoke exhaust system, outdoor air conditioning system, clean and dry air system, humidification system, ice and hot water system, steam pipeline, fire sprinkler system, maintenance pathway.
Electrical instrument control:
The main engineering projects are power supply system for clean room air-conditioning equipment, air-conditioning equipment monitoring system, clean room environmental monitoring system, clean room lighting system, socket system, grounding system, fire alarm system, emergency broadcasting system.