Communication (Telcom) Cabinets
Communication (Telcom) Cabinets Introduction
Modular cabinets are prefabricated structures that can be quickly assembled at designated locations (including hilltops, outer islands, building top floors or ground), and after completion, the entire cabinet can be hoisted and moved to other construction sites if necessary.。
Build-up Cabinet Shelter Features Introduction
  1. Fire resistance: The materials used are non-combustible materials, with flame retardance properties.
  2. Airtight, waterproof, windproof, and shockproof: all structural plates are joined by quick connectors, and the joints of the plates are covered with silica gel to enhance the waterproof effect.
  3. Heat insulation: The cabinet body is capable to insulate heat, with thermal conductivity of 0.021~0.023kcal/mh°C.
  4. Anti-rust: All external steels are galvanized with anti-rust treatment and have a service life of more than ten years.
  5. Anti-theft: The door lock set is designed with an embedding type, which is not easy to be damaged or opened by external force. The joint between the door panel and the door frame are designed and manufactured to prevent damage to its structure, which can achieve the safety of anti-destruction and anti-theft.
  6. Door frame waterproof tightness: The door frame's waterproof tightness has no concerns about water leakage.
  7. Electric wire inlet: Can be performed at a new Shelter or a completed Shelter on-site, or implement a modification job at any time.
  8. Manual handling & construction: Use cabinet materials that can be carried manually (without crane), which is convenient for manually move in and out of elevators, buildings, to complete field-assembled work. Installation work can be carried out in conjunction with protest locations or where mountaintop vehicles cannot reach.
  9. Door opening position: The door opening direction can be changed and designed according to the site requirements.
  10. Internal partition flexibility: New equipment can be added to the cabinet, or internal partition wall can be added at any time as needed after completion.
  11. The embedded C-purlin can be prefabricated in the plate for enhancement, and its position can be adjusted according to the needs, it can be used as a fixed device as well.
  12. In order to avoid protests on-site, all sizes of Shelter are carried out field-assembled. Or you can complete the assembly in the factory according to your needs, then uses the crane for whole unit handling on-site.